Overview of Wireless Charging Pads for iPhone 8 and iPhone X

The newly released Apple smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone X support the possibility of wireless charging. The guys at 9to5Mac.com compared the behavior of 5 wireless chargers, sold in official Apple stores and Amazon.

During the test, the quality of the charger assembly, the color of the case, the length of the cord, the presence of the power adapter in the set and the charging modes were taken into account. All presented devices support Qi-standard.

Charging was done using a power plug, if one was included with the device, or using a USB 12-watt adapter. For the test they used:

  1. Mophie Wireless Charging Base
  2. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad
  3. Anker Wireless Charging Pad
  4. Spigen Essential Wireless Charging Pad
  5. Otium Wireless Charging Stand Dock

The discharged iPhone 8 was put on the charger. After the battery was charged up to 6% or 7%, the timer turned on. The phone was switched to air mode, the automatic brightness is off, and the brightness of the screen is set to 50%. The display timeout was also turned off to track the charging progress. And all applications except the timer were closed.

The charging time was 30 minutes. A test with identical parameters was carried out for all models of wireless chargers.

During the test on the iPhone, iOS 11.0.2 was installed. However, when testing the Mophie Wireless Charging Base, it was decided to install a beta version of iOS 11.1, which did not affect the result.

Wireless Charging Speed

Apple notes that the Mophie and Belkin models support quick charging. But, the software update required for this will be released only at the end of 2017. For now, the wireless charging time does not differ from the charging time via the Lightning connector provided with the iPhone 8.

According to rumors, “fast” charging will work only on Apple certified devices.

Wireless Charging Results

In the “slow mode” all wireless chargers showed approximately the same results and charged the battery by 18-21% for half an hour. Significant differences relate to the configuration and appearance of the device.

For iPhone 8, you can buy official charging from Belkin or Mophie and wait for the “fast” charging function to be available. But those who consider “slow” mode enough, can find wireless chargers for almost three times cheaper on Amazon.

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