NCLink10 Brings Together App Notifications and Makes Them Easy to Delete

As iOS constantly updates, Apple adds and removes features, which in some case can be detrimental to users. Before, the notifications were grouped by application, which is no longer the case under iOS 10.

In order to remedy this, a new Cydia tweak named “NCLink10” was developed by HiDaN, and thus signs the return of this functionality even on the latest iOS version. Now, notifications will be grouped again by application, giving the user a much easier way to delete all notifications of the same app more quickly and in one go.

In addition, you can also customize certain notifications so that they appear larger in the Notification Center, always with the same aim of making their erasure easier.

NCLink10 has several options available in the Settings function where you can configure them:

  • Toggle notification grouping for Notification Center
  • Enable notification collapsing in Notification Center
  • Toggle notification grouping for the Lock screen
  • Enable notification collapsing on the Lock screen
  • Automatically collapse incoming notifications on the Lock screen for privacy
  • Show the clear notification button on the Lock screen
  • Hide the separator line under the Lock screen clock
  • Colorize headers on the Lock screen based on the app icon when collapsed
  • Configure custom font size
  • Configure app title position
  • Display app icon in headers
  • Use Apple Watch-styled notifications
  • Configure a delimiter for collapsed notifications
  • Display the number of new notifications in a section since it was collapsed

With them, you have complete control over your notifications, but also how they should appear. For example, you can customize the font, the title of the application, display the application icon in the headers, or give your notifications the same style as the Apple Watch.

NCLink10 is available on Cydia for $ 1.99 from the Bigboss source. It is compatible with jailbroken devices under iOS 10. If your device is not yet jailbroken, you can follow our Jailbreak Tutorial for Mac / Windows / Linux to achieve this.

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