MovieBox for iPhone: Catch up on Movies and TV Shows Today


In case you have lived under a rock for the last few month and not heard of MovieBox, this app has become a hugely popular portal for providing free access to TV shows and movies for iPhone users. From the left side of the screen simply swipe to the right side: you’ll now have access to the side menu where you’ll see different media types, downloads, favorites, and so much more. The video can be downloaded or viewed on any setting – low, medium, or high HD. And before committing to the full-length feature, users can access the trailer.

iPhone users running iOS 9, 9.2.1, and 9.3.1 can now download MovieBox.

And now, for those users who are not interested in jailbreaking their iPhone but want to access this type of functionality, there’s some great news. The MovieBox app works on iOS 9.3.1: at this point there’s no jailbreak solution available because Apple was able to quickly patch the vulnerabilities on iOS 9.2 which were exploited in Pangu’s iOS 9.1 jailbreak solution. Available via vShare, this latest version of MovieBox can be downloaded on iPhone the same way that previous versions were downloaded and accessed so many times.

If the MovieBox app is new to you, you should be aware that accessing and installing this app is not a simple matter: you don’t just do a search in Apple’s iOS App Store then hit the Install button. The fact that this app wouldn’t be approved for the App Store because it contravenes so many guidelines, and due to the nature of the service, the process of installing this app can be a little more complicated for those people who are not familiar with installing certificates onto a device in order to bypass Apple’s security mechanisms.

If you’re not familiar with Enterprise Profiles then you may experience issues when installing and running MovieBox on your iPhone running iOS 9. We know that Apple doesn’t want iPhone users running apps like MovieBox, and they’re probably right to feel this way. And so, users will probably receive a message stating that the MovieBox app is being offered by an ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’. Basically, this is iOS saying that, because MovieBox is from an unknown source, they’re not happy for you to run it, and that’s why you receive the message stating that the app is coming from an ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’, that is, until you give explicit permission to run it.

If you do get this message, it’s not a problem: simply go to Settings – General – Profile, remembering that you must have a profile installed for this to exist as a menu option. Select the certificate, then click on the Trust option. You should now be able to run the app on your iPhone.

Installing MovieBox on iPhone

  1. Go to vShare download page and click on the blue box to download vShare
  2. Install vShare by clicking on Install
  3. Next, go to Settings – General – Profile – Developer (Shenzhen Guotai Anbang…)
  4. Click on “Trust Developer (“Shenzhen Guotai Anbang…”)”
  5. Click ‘Trust‘ again
  6. Now launch ‘vShare
  7. Click on the search bar and search for MovieBox
  8. Next, download MovieBox
  9. In the Download tab you’ll be able to watch the progress of the download
  10. You’ll be prompted to install MovieBox once the file has finished downloading. Click on ‘Install


Download MovieBox Directly

1.On your iPhone’s Safari browser, go to either of the following links: Movie Box .IPA (iOS 7 and up) – Password is moviebox
Old Movie Box .IPA (iOS 6 and under)
2.Click on the green Install button.
3.When the message box pops up, click on Install again.
4.Open the app once it’s been installed. Click on ‘Trust‘ if a warning appears

And that’s all there is to it!

If you continue receiving the ‘Unable to Download App’ error while downloading vShare, simply try again later.

It’s important to note that every iOS update seems to put a stop to the previous methods of installing MovieBox. So you may not want to update iOS with a new version if MovieBox is an important app to you.