Jailbreak -1100

Jailbreak -1100 it is a common error, especially when using jailbreaking tools like TaiG. If you are struggling with this error whilst jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, here’s a simple method for fixing it. Jailbreak -1100 comes in combination such as -1101, -1102, -1103 or stuck at 20%, 60%, and so on.

Jailbreak -1100

Jailbreak Failed ( -1100)

At the moment TaiG is only available for Windows, and supports all iOS devices running iOS 8.4 or 8.3.

Jailbreak -1101 (Stuck at 20%)

If you end up with error 1101 at 20% during the jailbreaking process you should install iTunes 12.0.1. Here’s our guide: Fixing TaiG Jailbreak Stuck at 20% – Error 1101. Update: A new TaiG version has been released which we believe will fix the ‘jailbreak -1101 stuck at 20%’ issue. You can download it here.

Jailbreak -1102

Try the following if you get this error:

  • Put the device on AirPlane Mode;
  • Ensure that you’ve turned off Touch ID and Passcode: go to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode;

Jailbreak -1103

You may have downloaded a corrupt jailbreak tool file. Try again and download it from here: Download TaiG 2.1.2 if you jailbreak iOS 8.4 with support for Cydia Substrate then try again.

Jailbreak -1104 (Stuck at 30% or 40%)

You should try using a different USB port if you get this error. If that also fails then try it on another Windows computer.

Jailbreak -1105 (Stuck at 50%)

Try this if you get the above error:

  • You will have a Firewall or Antivirus program enabled on your computer. Disable the program then attempt jailbreaking again. You can enable this program again once you’ve succeeded in jailbreaking your device;
  • Be sure you’ve turned off Find My Phone. Go to Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone;