Why My iPhone Wont Turn On? [Step by Step Fix]

iphone wont turn on

Recently my iPhone shut down while I was using it, despite the fact that it still had battery power left. All that happens when I try to turn on again is that my iPhone stuck for a moment on Apple logo and goes black again – or just a black screen.

Annoyingly, this can happen to anyone at any time. In the course of a normal day you might decide to check your iPhone, and for no reason whatsoever you discover that it won’t respond to anything you do. If you press the Home button it doesn’t do anything, and you only get negative results if you press the Power button.

So now you’re wondering what on earth you’re supposed to do, because you simply have no clue what’s happened. It could be really simple to fix, but on the other hand it could be quite complicated, because it really depends on what’s actually happening with your iPhone. Fortunately, there are some things you might like to try to get your iPhone to turn on and start responding to your instructions.

Let iPhone Charge for 10 Minutes

If there is a red Empty Battery icon showing up on your iPhone, then it may not work until there is sufficient charge in the battery. Remember that you may not even see the image for battery recharge for several minutes because it may not be totally drained. So, if you plug it in and the display is blank, be patient and wait for a moment to see if the icon appears.

However, if the red filler of the battery icon flashes three times, followed by the screen going black, this means that your iPhone is not able to charge because it’s not receiving power.

Please Note: Your iPhone should always be plugged into a high powered USB source such as one of the main USB ports on a computer that’s plugged in, or to the mains charger. FireWire chargers won’t work.

Try Restarting Your iPhone

In order to restart your iPhone you should press, then keep holding down, the Sleep/Wake button found on the top of the handset: do this until the red slider appears onscreen. Slide it across in order to turn it off, then repeat this process to turn the iPhone back on.

See our instructions below if your iPhone is frozen and can’t be restarted in the normal manner:

  • Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously for a minimum of 10 seconds;
  • If the screen dims or the red slider appears, continue pressing the two buttons until you can see the Apple logo;

Perform Soft Reset

  1. Click on SettingsGeneralReset All Settings;
  2. All the settings will now be re-set back to the factory defaults. Don’t worry about this because the content and data on your iPhone won’t be affected;

Backup and Restore Your iPhone

If nothing else works, you’ll need to perform a full backup and restore your iPhone. Before you do anything at all, be very sure that you’ve got the latest version of iTunes.

  • Next, connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC, and select it when it appears in iTunes under Devices. If you haven’t performed a sync for a while, then this is the time to do so – this is the only way to ensure that all your photos, contacts, and videos are up-to-date.
  • Next, click on the Summary tab, then click Restore. This is the time you’ll be told to back up your iPhone, if you haven’t already done so. All the settings and data on your iPhone will now be backed up.
  • Click ‘Restore’. Now wait until the restore process has been completed and your iPhone has been re-set to the Home screen.

Boot iPhone into Recovery Mode

Be cautious about taking this step, though, because Recovery Mode erases all the data from your device. You should only take this step if you’ve backed up to a computer or to iCloud.

  1. Start by turning off your iOS device;
  2. Next, plug the USB cable into your computer, but don’t plug it into the device;
  3. Hold down the Home button, then you can plug the USB into your device;
  4. Only release the Home button when you can see the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen (see below). Repeat steps 1 to 3 if you don’t see this screen.

Check both the Cable and the Charger

Try charging someone else’s iPhone with your cable and your charger, or alternatively try charging your iPhone with someone else’s cable and charger.

You may or may not be aware that a fairly common and less documented issue with some iPhone’s is that they will charge when connected to a laptop computer, but not when connected to the wall charger. Just because your friends iPhone will charge with the same cable and wall charger, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your iPhone will too. We won’t use this post to discuss why this happens; we’ll simply say that if you usually use a wall outlet, try charging your iPhone using a USB port on your computer; and if you usually charge your iPhone with your laptop, then try using a wall charger.

iPhone Water Damage

Water damage to iPhone’s is insidious and can be very unpredictable. The problem you’re experiencing with your iPhone today could well be caused by a spill from a week ago. We hear these kinds of stories all the time, where your iPhone won’t charge because a drop of water got into the charging port, whereas your friend spilled a whole glass of water on his iPhone and it still works perfectly.

If you do a visual inspection of the exterior of your iPhone, you may be able to determine if there’s any damage? If the damage is minor, there’s a chance that Apple will ignore this and replace your iPhone under warranty.

iPhone Still Won’t Turn On!

Unfortunately, the problem may be too serious to fix on your own if your iPhone still won’t turn on, even after taking all these steps. It’s probably time to contact Apple technician and arrange an appointment at the Genius Bar. If there’s no water or physical damage to your iPhone and you’re still under warranty, there’s every reason to believe that Apple will cover the repair at no cost. However, if that’s not the case, Apple’s repair options can be quite expensive.