iPhone 7 Jailbreak Update: What’s New

UPDATE: Just a few days after we saw the first evidence of an iPhone 7 jailbreak running iOS 10.1, today a new one is emerging, demonstrating the fact that Apple’s operating system is vulnerable even on the latest iPhone’s.

If previous evidence came from an unknown iOS hacker this time we are talking about a veteran in jailbreaking, Luca Todesco (@qwertyoroiup). A security researcher invited by Apple to be part of a program that rewards any iOS vulnerability disclosure.

Luca presented multiple iOS vulnerabilities over time, but unfortunately he never share them with the general public. Probably , will keep the exploits used in this particular jailbreak private for his research purposes only.

Always made clear that he would never release a jailbreak solution for any iOS versions. Meanwhile, Apple has started to seed iOS 10.2 beta to registered developers.

iPhone 7 Jailbreak Video Proof

Apparently, an unknown iOS hacker (@ijapija00) published a video that demonstrates his jailbreak on the latest iPhone 7 running iOS 10.1. He claims that is using a very stable exploit to successfully install Cydia and just about anything he wants on iPhone 7 with iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1.1 as well. That’s pretty impressive, but no one can vouch for his credibility.

Despite this, @ijapija00 says that it can demonstrate the whole jailbreak procedure for skeptics, so theoretically, supposed to be real enough.

Before you get too excited, the hacker listed 3 reasons why this iOS 10.1 jailbreak solution for iPhone 7 has not been released yet.

The first reason has to do with Cydia Substrate, which needs lots of patches to be able to function correctly, so @Saurik, the Cydia creator, must intervene to fix some issues. Secondly, @ijapija00 does not want to be liable for any possible damage to iPhone’s that have installed the software. It’s too much hassle and too much stress for him to release a stable version of the solution. Finally, in this state, the jailbreak solution is pretty buggy and generates various problems. Sometimes is stable and sometimes not, that can be very frustrating.

Perhaps this jailbreak solution will not be released to the general public but surely this video demonstrates that jailbreaking iOS 10 is indeed still possible despite all the security measures imposed by Apple.