iOS 9.3 Just Got Jailbroken (Code Injection Proof)

Luca Todesco (aka. @qwertyoruiop) is an Italian iOS jailbreak developer, and we’ve just received some encouraging news (that incidentally wasn’t entirely a surprise) that he has a jailbroken device running iOS 9.3.

Apple only released the beta version of iOS yesterday, but it appears that it’s already been successfully jailbroken: the proof of this is in the video which clearly shows the Cydia icon – in addition, we can see Night Shift in action, which is iOS 9.3’s new feature.

In the video we also see Todesco opening Cydia, again offering proof that, not only is the device running iOS 9.3, it’s also fully jailbroken. Unfortunately, this only adds weight to our belief that we probably won’t see a jailbreak tool for iOS 9.2.1, which has been in beta since 17th December.

Until yesterday we wondered if a tool might be released for iOS 9.2.1, but this would mean that Apple would probably patch it in the final release of iOS 9.3. Therefore, it wouldn’t be able to be jailbroken and users wouldn’t be able to take advantage of features like the enhanced 3D Touch and Night Shift.

It’s highly likely that Todesco used the same exploit he used when he posted images of his jailbroken device running iOS 9.2.1. However, it’s unclear whether the next jailbreak tool (which will probably come from either the TaiG or Pangu team) will use the same exploit: possibly, but probably unlikely – these teams may not jailbreak either iOS 9.2.1 or 9.3 if they want to preserve valuable exploits.