How to Delete Old Music to Save Space on Your iPhone


There comes a time for every iPhone user when you need to delete songs from your phone: perhaps you’re simply tired of a certain artist, or maybe you just want to free up some space. There’s certainly nothing better than carrying all your music around with you in your pocket, but we know that over time you’re going to be facing storage issues. Fortunately, there’s a fix for that!

You may be able to delete entire artist libraries, albums, or even a single song, depending on your iOS version. And if you’re having problems removing music from your iPhone, the solution is as simple as using iTunes to resync and delete the unwanted songs.

Remember that, if you delete a song or album and then change your mind, you can always download it again from the iTunes Store, which means that you still have access to your entire music catalogue with Apple’s iTunes Match – providing that you’re happy to selectively download or stream content as and when you need it. And don’t forget Apple Music! With Apple music you have access to a huge collection of videos and music, ready to stream at any time.

What we love about iTunes Match and Apple music is that, as long as there’s a data connection, you can download any song from your collection and it’s yours to listen to whenever you choose. And, of course, the other bonus is that you can delete tracks from your iPhone and know that the next time you want to play them they’ll still be there in the Cloud.

If you choose not to use the Cloud for storing your music, then the old way still works: use your PC or Mac as your central storage unit for your music library, then when you want to sync your albums you simply plug in your phone.

So, now that we know you’re safe to delete music from your iPhone, how do we go about doing this to free up space for photos, videos, and games?

Before you start deleting anything you need to see if iTunes Match has been enabled, so go to Settings – iTunes – App Store. You need to disable this option because, if you don’t, you won’t be able to delete music from your iPhone.

Delete Albums One by One

The first thing you need to understand is that, by default, the music stored on your iPhone is not the only music showing in your iPhone Music app: every album or song you’ve ever purchased from your iTunes account is also shown, regardless of whether it’s on your iPhone or not. You’ll be able to see every album and track you own if you’re an iTunes Match subscriber, even if some tracks are not on your phone and are only being stored in the Cloud.

  • The first step is to locate the playlist, album or song that you wish to delete;
  • On the right side of the screen tap the More Options [] icon;
  • Next, tap Delete;
  • Tap Delete when prompted (Purchased or Playlist) to confirm.

Note: when you remove music from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, it’s also automatically removed from your iCloud Music Library. When you delete music from one Apple device it’s also deleted from other devices.

Delete All the Music from an iPhone

There’s a very simple way of deleting everything in one go if you’ve got too many albums stored on your phone; or perhaps you simply want to wipe everything and start afresh.

  • Go to Settings – General – Storage and iCloud Usage – Manage Storage;
  • Tap on Music;
  • Swipe left on All Songs under Music;
  • Now tap Delete.

Delete Songs using iTunes

If you’re happy plugging your iPhone into your computer, then another simple solution for deleting music is to use iTunes.
Connect your iPhone, then on the top left of the screen click on the iPhone icon. Next, in the left-hand column select Music from the On My Device section.

You’ll be able to see the various playlists, albums, and artists stored on your phone in the central pane. If you’re ready to delete them, select everything by using the cmd+A key combination, then tap the backspace/delete key.

You’ll be asked for confirmation that you want to delete the songs you’ve chosen, so, once you click Delete, those items will disappear.

Remember that the music will be available to you again, providing you’ve purchased them from iTunes itself or you have them in your iTunes library: you’re not deleting them from your computer, you’re only deleting them from your iPhone.

To complete the deleting process, at the top of the left-hand column click on the Summary option. Next, at the bottom right of the screen in the main pane click Apply.